Late Night with KevFu

Who the hell actually purchases stupid crap via text in the ads that run late at night?

Ringtones? You can get any song you want as a ring tone on most phones, and for free if you’re not a complete moron. But at least that’s just stupid people ordering something lots of people want: songs.

Jokes? Really. People are going to PAY for bad jokes sent to their phones every day?

“Text BABES to XXXXX and get pictures of sexy babes sent to your cell phone!” for just 6.95.

This is ridiculous for several reasons.

Like any moron couldn’t put any of the zillions of free porn images on the phone if they were so inclined?

And who needs porn on their phone? “I’m bored on the subway, I KNOW, I’ll just pull up my phone porn and stroke it right here!”

If you’re ordering a pizza eating a cheeseburger off an ad at 2 am on Comedy Central or MTV… you should probably just kill yourself.


One Response to Late Night with KevFu

  1. Jenn says:

    Hmm, the title to this post was misleading…..

    I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve ended up watching Girls Gone Wild.

    Also, the Shake Weight looks fun.

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