My favorite search terms leading to this site. These are actual searches by people who clicked on the results and found my site:

palm trees in snow

palm trees in tulsa

hooter captain eo

funny wrecks

why are there only 25,000 nielsen families?

is kamistan a real country

(name of my friend, who’s never been mentioned on the site with her full name).

bloods and crips

trojan condom wrapper

michael jackson when he was black

and my favorite:

maicol jakson

Now, the best part is that (aside from my friend’s name never mentioned, which I just noticed the other day) the stats for this site, only shows search terms with FIVE clicks. So that means FIVE PEOPLE typed in each of those terms. (maicol jakson? Really? How can there be five people retarded enough to spell the king of pop’s name that way, yet still operate a computer?)

I told my friend that someone googled her full name and found my site (and then explained that I’ve never used her full name; I’ve never used ANYONE’S full name aside from celebs. Not even CLM, even though her website is branded with her name, who only appears in link form and not in posts).

My friend rationalized that it must be one of my twitter followers who saw a reply to her on my twitter, since they googled her name with no space (and her twitter name is her name with no space). I find that hard to believe, since I have 24 followers and eight are random companies/publications hoping by following me, I’d follow them back.

So, she’s in total denial she has a stalker. Unfortunately for her, the stalker spelled her name right, too.


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