Amish and English

I was watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week, and he said you can make fun of Amish people on TV.

I don’t know if that’s true.

My only experience with Amish people was when I worked in Ohio about 10 years ago. My company contracted a group of Amish guys when we had to move big items of furniture. So, these guys show up to move our big heavy lateral file cabinets. But we had a complex arrangement of where they needed to be moved to, and I had it, and I wasn’t in yet because no one told me they were coming first thing in the morning. (Yes, I was the guy who re-arranged our office layout multiple times to maximize the space. I have a knack for special efficiency).

So I come in, and there’s four Amish guys. Drinking coffee out of Styrofoam cups, leaning up against the lateral file that has the TV on top. They are watching SportsCenter. And one guy says to another “Did you see that dunk by Jordan last night? That was incredible.”

The Amish don’t watch TV? I have to call shenanigans on that.

Ferguson actually has some astute commentary on stereotypes. He and a guest, Steven Fry, made an excellent observation that the stereotype for an American is a driven, optimistic go-getter, while a stereotypical Englishmen (or most Europeans) is a more laid back, slightly depressed, gloomy and miserable person.

And the observation was that it’s based on gene pool. Because all the optimistic go-getters in England said “Hey, let’s go to America! We can create new opportunities and build a better life!” And England is full of all the people who said… “eh, we’re going stick with this Europe thing.” And is now full of all the people who feared change, and we’re just doubters and apprehensive people.  People like Dante from Clerks.


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