Crazy Dream Part (Whatever)

The other night, I had a dream where my friend was engaged, and I wanted to talk her out of marrying the guy because I thought he was some clown. So I went and confronted my friend. But obviously, she got mad and there was a fight.

When I woke up, I remembered this and there’s zero reason for me to ever share that with anyone ever, lest you all think I’m in love or obsessed with my friend, whom we’ll call Stephanie. So I went on with my life for about six hours. Then I was watching the Simpsons and remembered the rest of the dream:

After that, I was at my friend Amanda’s house. She was serving me coffee and/or tea and asked me how it went with Stephanie, while she had a slew of papers and files in front of her on her kitchen table.

Now, Amanda and Stephanie are unaware of each other’s existence in real life. And I actually fell out of touch with Amanda after we graduated from college, but just recently caught up with her. She’s married with  six kids, who were quite well behaved in my dream.

So as I’m filling her in, she’s telling me that I probably should have expected that reaction, and that I shouldn’t expect my friend to believe me over the man she wants to marry without proof.

She continues to sift through her slew of files and finally finds what she’s looking for: A picture of one of her kids’ birthday party, featuring Stephanie’s fiancé, entertaining the children as a clown.

When I said, clown, I didn’t just mean “the guy was a tool.” The guy was a freaking clown. And an evil one at that. Not only did he not share his  obsessive need to dress up as a clown with his fiancé, who he knew was terrified of clowns, but he also had a fiendish plot to torture and kill Stephanie.

And that’s why I have my doubts about the whole dream symbolism thing. That says “To see a clown in you dream, symbolizes absurdity, light-heartedness, and a childish side to your own character.” And would clearly suggest I’ve got a thing for Stephanie.

But that ignores that (a) We all know Stephanie is terrified of clowns in real life. It’s a running joke among our friends. (b) I asked Stephanie if she saw the commercial with the family on the porch, staring inside at the clown doll the family got for Christmas and showed her the video. (c) just before going to bed that night, I saw that commercial (d) during the Simpson’s episode where the talking Krusty the Clown doll was trying to kill Homer.


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