Say it ‘Aints So! Oh The Insanity.

The Saints are the Super Bowl Champions.

You know the sound at a sporting event when everyone goes nuts? Well, walking towards downtown, you could hear the French Quarter from two miles away. And there was no “moment,” to instigate it. There was no focal point. It was just the noise and sounds of a city beside itself with joy. It was beautiful.

Getting closer, the street party was in full effect. This is the scene about a mile from the Quarter.

When we got to Canal Street, it was a mass of humanity. And it was just getting started. They were just closing Canal Street  — for the first time in the history of the City — while we hopped inside a store and grabbed a six-pack of beer (the plastic cup rule was out the window).

Once in the Quarter, after randomly running into two groups of people we knew, we all took the time to soak it in and enjoy the view of a packed street of jubilant fans. Strangers high fiving and hugging, people dancing in the streets, Mardi Gras and Saints music blasting.  Imagine you and 200,000 of your closest friends having a block party. This was Fat Tuesday times ten (complete with the public urination).

And of course, once someone’s cameras (WVUE, I think) were rolling on the balcony, they were pelted with beads while the crowd struck up the familiar chant of Who Dat?

Earlier, and with better quality, captured about three blocks further down. You can see the packed street about 30 seconds in.

It was amazing. I’m sorry I left at about 1 a.m. If not for the fact that I’d have to walk four miles, I could have stayed until daybreak.


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