Stream of Conciousness XIV

Why does everyone always ask me what time the Super Bowl starts? It starts the exact same time every single year, and has since as long as I can remember, back to Super Bowl XX. That’s 21 straight years of a 6:20 ET kickoff.

Ever stay in your pajamas all day long? It’s weird because when its time to go to bed, you have to change into a different pair of pjs.

The first squirt of shaving gel out of a brand new can is always waaaaaaaaaaay too much shaving gel than anyone actually needs.

I went about two weeks not shaving much because my last can of shaving gel was on its last legs. So I grew a horrible goatee, and shaved the sides of my face and neck once every three days before hitting the grocery store. Then after two shaves with a new can of shaving gel, I noticed that in my stockpile of toiletries under my sink, I had an old can of shaving foam my mom gave me when I was home last Christmas (since my dad uses electric and I had forgotten my gel).

I know some people who are proud to trace their family lineage back to famous people, like Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson. But I don’t think anything will top having your family name mentioned in the Bible. Like in the beginning, when they’re just running through all the list of decedents of the important players. That’s completely and totally awesome. “Yeah, we’re in the freaking Bible. Like 6000 years of history, we got a shout out.”


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