Coming Soon: No Updates from KevFu’s Phone

I downloaded the WordPress for Blackberry Application, so now I could update this site from anywhere.

Coming Soon: No updates from KevFu's phone

Which… probably won’t happen considering I have so little going on I have to brainstorm things to write about. And I write way too long entries to bother pecking them out on a tiny blackberry keyboard.

But I could jot down notes and save them as drafts, then re-work them into longer entries. Which would solve my illegible pad by the bed issue.

With my new Bold 9700, I now have about 11 methods at my disposal to continue not communicating with my friends. I can call, send a text, email from  one of two addresses, use one of three instant message applications, IM via Blackberry Messenger for my Blackberry friends, Twitter, plus seeing them in person or writing them via regular mail.

I’m still looking for more ways to pimp out the Blackberry. But there’s one thing the Bold 9700 lacks that I don’t think ’ll be able to download.

There needs to be Flashlight App.

My old phone was pretty good for navigating my way to my bedroom after I turn off the lights in my living room. The Bold 9700 simply has a very dark blue background, so it isn’t quite bright enough.


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