Pens Are So 90s.

My handwriting has regressed drastically since joining the professional work force. With the daily usage of computers, I have to actually write things down like, once a week? Maybe?

We’re talking beyond Charley in Flowers for Algernon levels here. In that book, a janitor has some medical treatment to make him smarter, and his handwriting and writing improve radically. But the results are only temporary and he watches his writing deteriorate rapidly. Maybe that book had nothing to do with handwriting, I read it in like seventh grade or something.

Anyhow, I keep a notepad by my bed to jot down any good ideas I have while I’m lying in bed. Too often, things hit me after lights out, and I think “I’ll remember that” but in the morning, I don’t. So, I implemented the pad so I don’t lose the idea for a million-dollar movie screen play or something.

But it almost doesn’t matter. Because when I look at the pad, I can’t really read what I wrote at night.

I know what you’re thinking: “turn the lights on next time you’re writing. Then you’ll be able to read it in the morning.”

No. You don’t understand. The lights were on. I’m not talking about reading it in the morning.

I mean, when I’m write something, I now notice that I can’t read it while I’m writing it.

I don’t think I’m technically literate anymore.

My friend made a computer font out of her handwriting, which is cool. Not an option for me. Actually, I should try it two ways. I should do it where I write the letters how I would want them to show up on screen, like my friend did. Which would be close to my handwriting… if it was good. And then I should just quickly write down each letter and use that. And see if anyone, anywhere can read either.

Just to be clear (hahaha). Here’s my notes from the other night:

The top is me trying to be legible. The bottom is just naturally writing something


2 Responses to Pens Are So 90s.

  1. alandmei says:

    Wow. I can totally relate to this. I type far faster than I write. As a social worker by trade, I have oodles of hand written case notes by colleagues that are illegible, which is dangerous since we often have to go to court or be audited. Generally my handwriting is neat, just time consuming. Typing is faster and cleaner.

  2. Kevin says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s because our brains are operating at a much faster rate than our hands can write. Yeah, that’s it. It has nothing to do with sloppiness, laziness, or not trying to write clearly. That’s the ticket.

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