Fixing NBC.

Aside from firing all those idiots…. there’s an easy way to solve their late-night issue of Leno’s show providing poor lead ins to the local news and Conan.

Shorten Leno’s bad show to a half hour an move it to 8:30.

Then they have 2,5 hours to fill now instead of five.

They don’t have to come up with FIVE 10 p.m. shows when other networks already have shows there with a fan base.

One episode of Leno would be in the middle of Thursday’s very strong lineup, improving its ratings.

Another Leno episode would be preceded by the good show from Thursday that has to move (Parks & Rec or Community).

You have to displace two shows that are one-hour programs that begin at 8 p.m. But that’s GOOD because you need 10 pm shows with a following as a strong lead in to the news to make your affiliates happy.

And you have one:  the #2 television DVD/Blue Ray by sales this week (#19 for all DVD/BR) that has been in the top 100 of DVD/BR sales for two whole months despite the fact that it was actually released on Tuesday. It has a cult following, which means you can move it  out of the most loaded time slot in television, and made it an awesome lead in for the news.

You’d need two new dramas and two new 30 minute shows, which could be reality shows, since they are the cheapest to produce.

Here’s what it could look like:

8:00 Community
8:30 Jay Leno
9:00 Parenthood
10:00 Chuck

8:00 The Biggest Loser
10:00 (New Show)

8:00 (New Sitcom/Reality Show)
8:30 Jay Leno
9:00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10:00 Mercy

8:00 Parks and Recreation
8:30 Jay Leno
9:00 The Office
9:30 30 Rock
10:00 (New Show)

8:00 (New Reality Show)
8:30 Jay Leno
9:00 Law & Order
10:00 Dateline NBC

Their two new shows are after two of their highest rated shows (Biggest Loser and SVU). Why doesn’t that work perfectly?

Any TV executives may leave job offers in the comments.

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