How Does Anyone at NBC Have a Job?

NBC sees horrible Jay Leno Show ratings, bad Conan ratings (largely due to Leno’s poor lead ins and Letterman’s scandal ratings boost) and is now planning on moving Leno’s show to 11:35 with a half hour show before the Tonight Show at 12:05.

NBC decided Conan was their late night future and it was so important to keep Conan as Leno’s heir that they pushed Leno aside early. And now they are going to screw him over with this?

Tainting the legacy of the Tonight Show yet again by declaring Jay Leno is more important and pushing Conan to 12:05 is giving Conan a reason to be upset with NBC… when Leno is 60 years old.

Let’s not forget that Carson gave Leno “full time guest host” duties when Carson was 62 and retired at age 67. Leno has a few years left, and then NBC is going to turn back to Conan as their future…

… right around the same time David Letterman, 62 now, is also looking to step down.

Letterman, who was screwed over by NBC (at age 46, the same age Conan is now) is the owner of World Wide Pants, the production company of The Late Show. Wouldn’t he just love to go out by hiring Conan O’Brien to be his successor when he steps down — ideally at the exact same time as Jay Leno — delivering the ultimate “Screw You” to NBC?


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