Not So Familiar Faces

A guy I know from high school went to a bar the other night. It was a pretty ingenius idea by another friend of ours. He basically just posted “Hey, everyone is meeting at this bar on this night” over Christmas break and had an impromptu class reunion. I didn’t go because I was out of state.

Well the aforementioned guy got upset because while at the get together, some people didn’t come up and say hi to him. He thought that was petty and immature. I reminded him that its quite possible that some people just didn’t recognize him. He used to be rail thin, and now he’s a big dude.

I told him a classic story from when I was in college. In between my junior and senior years, I ran into a friend from high school. She was very good looking so I asked her out for coffee. We hung out a lot over the summer. One day, I was at her place before we were going to go grab dinner. She said she had to stop somewhere and talk to a friend of hers.

So we stop, we go into this place and she has a conversation with her friend, a girl that I was also friends with in high school… but we we had fallen out of touch based on the fact that I was in love with her in high school but nothing worked out. We’ll call her Cynthia.

They’re talking. And Cynthia says “What are you up to?”
My friend replies “I’m going to dinner with Kev-Fu.”
Cynthia asks “Kev-Fu who?”
My friend says, “Ummm, (my last name).”
Cynthia says “OH! How’s he doing?”
My friend says “He’s, uh… right here!”

She didn’t recognize me at all.

My friend could be facing the same issue now, because he now looks nothing like he did in high school

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