What’s Wrong With Our Society?

Everything that’s wrong with American society can be summed up in the existence of one product. A product that was in my Christmas stocking. This:

So, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, which are outrageously priced to begin with makes pack of jelly beans where there’s two flavors with the same color. One is one of their traditional flavors, the other is a horrific taste sensation, and you have no way of knowing the difference:

The Vomit One Sounds Tasty

Why would anyone want to eat a moldy cheese jelly bean? Why would anyone willingly subject themselves to what amounts to taste bud roulette? And why would anyone PAY to have this taste bud damage inflicted on them in the first place?

This is taking the tendency of  human beings to say “Ew, this tastes awful, try it!” to a completely other level.

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