Was This a Real Good Time? Nah. Just Faking

So I’m at this pretty seedy bar because my friend’s boyfriend is the MC. I’m with my other friend, who’s a pretty new friend to me. That friend was getting harassed by all kinds of drunk a-holes.  I tried to be a decent friend and pretend to be the guy she was with (Well, I was driving).

One guy even asked “Is he your man?” and she said “Um, Yes.”  He asked if it was okay if he danced with her. I said “If she wants to. She’s her own woman, she can make her own decisions.”

And then I got yelled at after that for being a bad fake boyfriend.  What the hell?

Any woman I am in a relationship can make her own decisions. I’m not going to flip out if she dances at a bar with someone, because I really don’t like to dance. If she WANTED to dance, and I didn’t, she can dance with whomever she feels like dancing. Part of being in a mature relationship is trusting your partner and giving them freedom to do what they want, and I’m okay with something like that.

I’m a fake boyfriend, not a fake daddy. Tell the guy he’s a creep and to get the hell away from you. You don’t need me pretending anything to do that.

By pretending to be a fake boyfriend, it’s implied that if she says she doesn’t want to dance, there’s someone there to say “Hey, the lady doesn’t want to dance, find someone else to hit on.” The d-bag understands that. We’re men, we understand each other.

What did this girl think I’m going to do as a fake boyfriend? Threaten to kick his ass? I’m a FAKE boyfriend. My fake girl has to tell the REAL douche bag to get lost. If he wants to FAKE fight, I’ll fake fight. But I’m not getting my REAL ass kicked for fake girlfriend.

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