Stream of Consciousness XII

You can tell it’s November (aka The Month of Glory in my field) when I have two posts in 18 days.

Basically, when I think of something “blog worthy” I write it in a notepad document on my laptop. Then, when have time, I either expand it to a full post, or save some of the short entries for the “Stream of Consciousness” posts.

My saved short entries include comments from October, like:

  • The greatest sound in the world is 53,000 people in Yankee Stadium going silent.
  • Since Tim McCarver is always trying to say the most profound thing ever every time he speaks on TV, can we just say “ok! That’s it! Nothing tops THAT comment, Tim! You just win!” and maybe he’ll stop being the most annoying broadcaster in the history of mankind?

Non-time sensitive thoughts kicking around the disturbed mind:

  • John Tavares is ridiculously awesome.
  • When I see ads for the “My Touch” phone, I keep thinking they are talking about the Trojan vibrating fingertip massager (the one from the commercial with the old lady eavesdropping on the early 30s horny spinsters).
  • I think I’ve seen too many people in my life when everyone looks familiar to me. I know I’ve said  before that when you recognize strangers as people you’ve seen before, it’s like you’ve completely gone through all the “extras” for your life. Seriously, the chick behind the bench on a SportsCenter Indiana Pacers highlight looked familiar to me.
  • Am I the only one who heard about the Powermat wireless charger and thought “how is that possible? That’s like wizardry, voodoo or witchcraft. Such engineering should not be possible.”?
    I want to buy two: one to use and one to study. I could not own the device if I had children. I couldn’t explain to them how it worked when they asked. I’d have to say it was magic. Finally, some high tech wizardry that we should have in 2009. I mean, this is like, “the future” compared to when we were in the 90s.
  • Speaking of which, the high tech alien stuff they are showing on the remake of V that ABC is currently airing all looks really, really plausible.
    The room full of “monitors” with all the feeds coming from the spy cameras on their suits could be done pretty easily. A computer transferring the video inputs into separate computer windows on one giant HD screen; all using the iPhone touch screen interface (they’ve shown a table top version of the software on CNN, with digital pictures instead of streaming video). 
    And the screens on the bottom of the ships? They have screens like that in baseball/football stadiums. That’s not even close to crazy.

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