Leonard Bernstein!

Last night, while watching the preview for “Flash Forward” some show where everyone on the planet blacks out and at the same time and sees their horrific future; and the fall of civilization ensues (I assume). And then another show advertised on the History channel, like the White House has been nuked, get outside a fallout zone to somewhere safe, etc, etc.

I enjoy movies feature the zombie apocalypse, plagues, alien invasion, rise of machines, and other disasters which essentially try to wipe out the existence of civilized mankind. I can only assume that since I enjoy the movies, I’d also enjoy it when the real thing comes.

Such movies will feature the plight of a small group of heroes fighting against all odds to stay alive and remain functioning civilized humans in this post-apocalyptic world. But watching those ads last night, it made me realize that the odds are… I’m NOT going to be one of the people who are in the movies when stuff like that happens.

The odds are heavily stacked against me, that I’m just one of the schmucks who doesn’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late.

I could easily be in an arena full of people or airport when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Or in an airport and be one of the first to get the airborne plague. Or be on the interstate when people blackout, crash and die.

How much would that suck? To be one of the first idiots to die in an apocalyptic event? Man, that would bother me. I want to be one of the last few standing. I think there’s pride in that, and not being one in the ignorant masses, who’s toast at the onset.

Who wants to be a zombie hor d’ourves? I wanna be the guy who severs the zombie’s brain stem just before dessert. And then says something witty

2 Responses to Leonard Bernstein!

  1. Eric says:

    Did you see Delonte West was arrested last week for carrying two handguns and a shotgun on a *motorcycle*?
    (What’s the first picture that came to mind? The Terminator? Yes.)
    He clearly knows something the rest of us don’t.
    Maybe you should heed his warning and join the anti-zombie/alien/apocalypse movement.

  2. Kevin says:

    I did see that about Delonte;

    And my first question for him would have been:
    “Are you running into danger or away from it?”

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