Yet Another Illustration

Yet another illustration of the difference between guys and chicks.

My brother is having a son. He called me to tell me. The phone call lasted all of 38 seconds.

My sister-in-law told me that she was surprised I didn’t comment on his facebook announcement he made. And then said she doesn’t understand us two.

I began to explain that we don’t talk to each other about meaningful things because we’re brothers, and we know exactly how we view the meaningful thing.

I know he’s excited. He knows I’m excited. I know he knows I’m excited and vice versa. A male version of the conversation goes like this:

Guy #1: I’m having a son!
Guy #2: Awesome. Name him after me!
Guy #1: No, your name is stupid.
Guy #2: You should teach him to throw left-handed.
Guy #1: I know. He’ll have a job even if he sucks. Can you believe the Sox traded for Billy Wagner?

Same Conversation by Girls
Chick #1: I’m having a baby! Isn’t it exciting!
Chick #2: Oh my God! I’m soooo excited!
Chick #1: Aren’t you happy for me?
Chick #2: I’m so happy for you! You’re going to be a great mom!
Chick #1: Why wouldn’t I be a great mom?
Chick #2: What? I said you’d be a great mom!
Chick #1: Of course I’d be a great mom, why wouldn’t I be?
Chick #2: Well, that one time when you… (fight ensues. Girls no longer friends.)


One Response to Yet Another Illustration

  1. Audra says:

    LOL, and grats on the rugrat.

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