Where You From?

Had a conversation with Richie the other day about where people say they are from, compared to where they are actually from. Richie says “I’m not from New Orleans, I’m from St. Bernard.” Because he lives so close to where he’s from, he’s right. For me, I don’t bother being accurate.

Since moving to New Orleans, I’ll mention that I’m unaccustomed to something Southern. And the response will be “Oh, where are you from?”

I just say “New York” because most people down here don’t realize there’s a difference between New York City and the rest of the state. Or they think “Upstate” means the non-Long Island suburbs.

Usually that ends the conversation. But sometimes, they say “oh, where in New York?” And I have to say “Upstate” to end the conversation.

If the person I’m talking to is from up north, they I’ll actually say I’m from “Rochester” (which still is really generalizing).

So naturally on Wednesday, some lady at a restaurant next to me starts talking to me and the where you from conversation ensues.

Each time, there’s a follow up: New York. Upstate. Rochester. Turns out, she’s from Rochester and I have to go all the way to the final answer of West Henrietta.

She lived on Park Ave until 1989. Small world.

One Response to Where You From?

  1. Skeeter aka Bean says:

    love how you call Felipe’s a restaurant-like it’s a classy joint :)

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