Taking it Back!

I think I might grow a Hitler ‘stache. There’s no reason why facial hair needs to be associated with anti-Semitism. We need to take that back. Maybe I’m not the guy to do it. Someone who stands for all the things Hitler didn’t should take it back. Maybe a concentrated effort of humanitarians all rocking the Hitler stache would make it just another moustache style and not “the Hitler Stache” anymore.

So here’s my list of people who need to bust out the Hitler Stache to reclaim it from the Third Reich:

President Obama (He’s extremely popular and would get the liberals off our back)
Bono (A modern humanitarian who’s universally respected. Plus a new album coming out)
Tracey Morgan (another person who no one really hates)
Jerry Seinfeld (Everyone’s favorite Jew. If he does it, it will be okay!)

If I can get the five of us to all do the Hitler Stache, we can take it back.


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