Well, it took three years, but I finally went to an Emril restaurant in New Orleans.

Like most trendy, fine dining options, I expected it to be over-priced and under-whelming. Any place that cares about the presentation of food usually is. I don’t need presentation. I need good eats. I don’t care what it looks like. Some of my all-time favorite dining options look like a plate of garbage. Actually, it’s named after a plate of garbage.

The fact that they kept refilling our water glasses from seven dollar bottles of Evian water confirmed the over-priced.

As a non-seafood eater in New Orleans, my options are usually limited. So I was pleased to find this on the dinner entree menu:

Grilled Rib Eye with German Style Fingerling Potato Salad, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Coarse Grain Mustard Cream and Roasted Leeks.

The presentation was good. So I expected to be under-whelmed. But let me tell you, this was freaking delicious. The potato salad was simply sliced fingerling potatoes with the mustard cream and bacon flavor. Freaking delicious. I’m going to try and replicate it.

I also discovered that the Abita Brewery has more than just their 17 styles of beer. They also have a root beer, which replaced IBC as my new favorite root beer.

Naturally, it took a visit from my brother, niece, sister in law and her family to get me to do something touristy. But hey, another item of things to do in New Orleans has been crossed off my list.  That’s approximately four down, 97 to go.


One Response to BAM!

  1. Jenn says:

    Is that Red Hots like the candy on that garbage plate? Cuz that’s a good idea.

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