Monkey Business

I have a stuffed Curious George that is most likely older than the people reading this. My parents gave “him” to me on my first birthday, and he’s always been around. Usually, he resides on my bed, lost among pillows and blankets. I keep him around not because it’s a security blanket thing, or because I curl up with him or anything ridiculous like that. It’s just that’s where he’s always resided (save a semester of college when he didn’t get packed). He doesn’t make road trips and I sleep just fine if I’m away. If he was missing, I’d be able to sleep just fine, Ironically, when I sleep, I usually have my arm around a pillow if I’m on my side.

The other day, I was flipping channels late at night, and came across a movie that’s been around a while and not really one I usually find re-watchable. But there was nothing else on.

I was re-arranging the bed for sleep, and as I’m grabbing George and tossing him into the corner, in the movie Outbreak Dustin Hoffman is going on a news broadcast in California, showing a picture of the host monkey responsible for the entire town of dying of a virus.

At which point I turned to George and said “It’s not your fault.”

I thought it was funny. I thought I’d share.

2 Responses to Monkey Business

  1. Skeeter aka Bean says:

    I giggled.

  2. Andrea says:

    I miss George.

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