The Death of Facebook.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Facebook fad is dead.
Saturday was a day that will go down in history as the day when McDonalds in the mid-1980s first used comercials with cheesy raps and breakdancing. Or in the late 80s, when adults began wearing Zubaz pants. Or in the early 90s when Macy’s began selling flannel shirts to capitalize on the grunge era.

The end of an era. The shark has been jumped. What I’m trying to say, is “Welcome to Facebook, Mom!”

My mom, age 59, has asked to add me as a friend on Facebook. After adjusting my profile settings to block her from seeing most the content, I added her. And my aunt is on it, too. It’s now time to find the next thing (More of you should be on Twitter. Although, Twitter is more of a marketing/writer’s tool than a social networking site).

Facebook has it’s got it’s pros: I found out my “kid brother” (really next door neighbor growing up) and his wife were expecting a child. I copied the sonogram she posted and emailed it to my mom. Then saw baby pictures a day after Jackson was born (and sent THEM to my mom). But apparently, she learned their source. And two weeks later, (about 10 days after my “kid brother”‘s mom joined Facebook and added me), my mom decided to get on board.

My brother is also on Facebook now. And now I’m getting “people you may know” from all kinds of blasts from the past.

It’s a scary thing now that my mom has ruined the internet. As I explained that on Facebook with the bold copy that leads this post, my mom replied:

MOM: If you have something on here your mother shouldn’t see, Shame on you!

ME: What if I want to talk about your Christmas gift with [my brother]? Or invite him over over to do crystal meth? Or call Him a shithead? Way to ruin the internet, Mom

MOM: I don’t have to worry about you discussing Christmas gifts until, say, December 23 or 24th. I hope you won’t be doing the other two either.

I suppose I should have censored myself a long time ago. Or slowly uncensored myself to mom earlier so she could deal with it. Or I could just leave Facebook completely.


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