Stream of Consciousness VIII (DP edition)

Reason #47 I could handle a relationship with Danica Patrick

This does not bother me in the least (from her twitter):

DanicaPatrick I got in my car to get groceries tonight and found a doggie bag of food from 2 months ago (last time I was home). Welcome home DP!

Is everyone from Roscoe, Illinois ridiculously attractive? I’ve seen three women, and all of them are pretty darn good looking.

Oh, and in the event she somehow sees a trackback and reads this… don’t go to NASCAR, you’d be viewed as a publicity stunt and everyone would harp on you unfairly if you don’t dominate the sport. Plus, NASCAR is bumper cars, winning in Indy is a much better display of your skills.

Speaking of DP’s, Rick DiPietro’s contract suddenly doesn’t look so bad. Everyone mocked a 15-year, $4.5 million contract, but now you’ve got one guy making almost twice that for 11 more years (Vinnie Lecavalier) and another on a six-year deal for $7.5 million per year. Both on the trading block, both of their teams locked into salary cap hell.  Even with missing a year due to injury, if he can’t come back 100%, insurance can cover a $4.5 mil contract easily and the team can survive. If Vinnie blows out a knee, 15% of their cap is locked into a player not playing.

I’d hope the Islanders wait to surround DP with veteran talent to make a playoff charge. Last time they were in this position (lots of young talent in the system), they grew impatient and traded some pretty good players (all-stars Roberto Luongo, Olli Jokinen, Zdeno Chara, and Jason Spezza as a draft pick, plus Tim Connolly and Taylor Pyatt) for two high priced veterans. Had they just waited, they’d have a great young core. Hopefully they learned from that mistake, keep drafting kids, bring them along slow and become a legit contender in 2011.

Finally, does Dan Patrick exist anymore? He’s on as a pod-caster? Is that right? How that working out for him?


One Response to Stream of Consciousness VIII (DP edition)

  1. Eric says:

    Dan Patrick has his own radio show still. SI Radio or something, but he’s definitely on radio. I listen to him all the time. It’s pretty much the same show, and I’m sure it doesn’t air ONLY in Tulsa…

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