Stream of Consciousness VII

One of my favorite local bloggers tends to write far less when she’s swamped at work, and post frequently when her schedule’s clear. I find myself more the opposite. The more free time I have, the less things actually happen to write about. I’m left with random worthless thoughts like:

The temperature in my apartment always either too hot or too cold. Kind of like a normal shower. Only my shower is always too cold. How can the temperature of my place be 82 when the heat is off and the high outside was 81?

And I had a dream in which my presence around the north pole meant I couldn’t really keep my pee for long periods of time without needing go (like, being on the top of the world meant gravity is pulling down towards the south pole? That makes no sense!). But then I woke up and realized that I really had to pee extremely badly. So instead of wondering why I had such a crazy dream, I was just grateful I didn’t wet my bed.


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