Indy Day

Ah, Indy 500 Day. One of the greatest days of the year.

My rooms and I reconfigured the living room, moving the couch to within six feet of the TV. We ordered pizza and crushed beer and enjoyed rum and coke, crown and water, gin and tonics.

The chalkboard in the kitchen was relocated to the floor next to the TV with cliff notes.

It reads:
7 – Patrick
26- Marco
11- TK
27- Mutoh
43 – J Andretti

3- Castro
6- Briscoe

9 – Dixon
10- Dario

5, 26, 21, 02, 44, 11, 18, 6, 00, 2

Both my roommate and I grew up rooting for the Andretti’s. Both of us yelled “Arrrghh.. Noooooooo!” on lap one as Mario Moraes hit Marco Andretti and killed his race chances. And we did it again when TK crashed.

I’m more of a Patrick fan than my Rooms, who reluctantly rooted for Danica based on the fact that she was the only AGR driver left.

Helio just dominated down the stretch. We watched the splits of’s live scoring and remarked that it was over with 10 laps to go.

All in all, a good day, even if the race didn’t go our way. We’re used to it not going our way: We root for Andrettis.


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