That Got Deep in a Hurry

There are nights when insane fun happens and there are nights when friends hang out and funny things are said. The latter happened last night (when I meant to hang out for an hour and a have and then go home, watch the Mets game and pack for an upcoming move).

And then there are nights with deep meaningful conversations. As fun as the funny things are to recap, it was a much better experience Wednesday because of the deep meaningful conversation.

When I was in Dayton, it was a town where not much was going on. But what made it memorable for me, was that I had deep friendships with the people I hung out with.

Tonight was really my first experience in New Orleans with the same type of thing. (Actually, it makes sense. It took about the same length of time from my arrival before my friendships in Dayton cemented themselves and we had those kinds of nights).

In a place where there an infinite amount of optipns for drunken shenanigans, it was way more enjoyable to have the kind of conversation I once had on the trunk of my car in a bowling alley parking lot in Dayton, Ohio. The type where people’s problems are discussed and (while usually not coming to fruition), eventually solved.

And we did discussed and solved. Not sure if any of it helped: people can always see other people’s problems better than their own; and the last two people out chatting where the two with the least amount of drama in their lives (at least on this night).

But in the end, what matters is not the jokes, the laughs, the drinks or the problems. It’s that you have people you can bring your problems to.

So who needs a party? In the words of Martin Blank, “why don’t you tell me your problems, and then I’ll tell you mine. And we’ll solve them. Tonight.”


One Response to That Got Deep in a Hurry

  1. Bean says:

    So sweet…:0)

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