Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Read.

Found on the internet:

So a friend of mine is taking on an experiment. He’s a small time [drug] dealer and wanted to get a job so his taxes look legit. So he got a job at McDonald’s. 100% of every paycheck (so far he’s had two totaling  $405) is going into lotto tickets. Right now he’s trying to see what works best – he’s done everything from scratch offs to mega millions. He won $300 on a $2 scratch off yesterday. He says his total is about $50 in the green. This really doesn’t sound like an awful idea.

This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever read. The sheer ridiculousness of this is overwhelming.

#1 – You have a job to make money. Whether your job is legitimate or not, your goal is to make money. So blowing your loot on lottery tickets is stupid and contrary to the reason you have a job.

#2 – The fact that you’d do something illegal for money shows how far you’re willing to go to make money, which doubles the stupidity of pissing said money away.

#3 – Isn’t the whole point of dealing drugs to avoid working a crappy job at McDonalds? Now you’re doing both? You’re devoting twice as much time into making the same amount of money. Horrible waste of time.

#4 – If you’re going to do a hairbrained scheme, pick something with a higher rate of return. Gamble on sports, or learn to count cards.

#5 – Your stupid measures STILL would result in tax evasion charges, because your income has increased and you took measures solely to hide that fact.

#6 – If you’re willing to engage in illegal activity for money (sell drugs), then why would you care about simple tax evasion, which bears a much softer penalty in the event that you’re caught?


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