Drink the Kool-Aid

One of the books The Dream let me borrow was Raven, which is the definitive volume on Jim Jones, the People’s Temple and the Jonestown massacre. What’s there to say besides “that’s messed up?”

Well, one thing stuck out in my mind. Before they moved from California to Jonestown, Guyana, someone asked posed a question to a supporter of Jones who was not a Temple member. In essence, the man replied with a comment that meant: “You should get on board with what he’s doing.” His response was “If Jones is drinking a different brand of whiskey than you drink, you should switch to whatever whiskey he’s drinking.”

I found that kind of an odd metaphor, and had to re-read it to figure out what it meant. I thought “that’s a really round-about way to say ‘Drink the Kool-Aid.'” And then it occurred to me that the phrase “Drink the Kool-Aid” wasn’t invented yet. That phrase obviously came about as a result of the misled followers of the People’s Temple, ordered to drink the Flavor Aid (yeah, Flavor Aid, not Kool Aid) in the mass murder (yeah, mass murder, not suicide) in Jonestown in 1978. Naturally, I had a dark chuckle at the realization.

Brief aside:  A guy named Jim Jones has the most hilarious twitter account ever. Not just because his name is “DrinkTheKoolAid” but because the language Twitter uses to keep track of your feeds. Jim Jones has “45 Followers.” Hopefully things work out better for him than the last set.

And I had an even darker chuckle as I was reading the climax of the  aforementioned book. The climax being the deaths of over 900 people at the hands of cyanide-laced grape Flavor Aid, while sitting on my couch drinking from a cup of grape Gatorade (ok, technically ‘Riptide Rush,’ but it was purple).


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