Don’t Judge Me

I had my car inspected by the lease holder today; basically to determine how well I took care of the car. And it’s a horrendous experience.

First off, consider the social skills of a guy who’s job it is to look for tiny dents in vehicles all day. He looked , about like you would expect him to look: Kind of like Mario from Super Mario Brothers. Although carrying a clipboard and incapable of jumping.

Due to the lack of social skills, they offer no feedback what so ever. Just look, jot, take a picture, jot some more, all the way around the car and then inside.

OFFER ME SOMETHING HERE! Say “Damn, that’s going to cost you” or “wow, you’re trunk’s surprisingly clean!” something. Anything.

Basically you can sense them critiquing you as a person while doing their silent inspection. And there’s no way to defend yourself. It’s not like the dentist’s office, where you can lie about brushing your teeth six times a day.

I just wanted to yell “Don’t judge me! Let’s see YOUR car. That Mitsubishi you rolled up in is a dirty piece of crap!”

Also, it might not have helped me when I opened the glove compartment and found my flask sitting inside.

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