Severe Weather, Bad Graphics

In my 24 years of watching the NCAA Tournament, I’ve never made it through all 10 days (four the first weekend, four the second weekend, Saturday and Monday the third weekend), without seeing severe weather alerts from the local affiliates for some reason.

The local affiliate ALWAYS puts horrible looking weather graphics over the the screen, advising about thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash flooding, something. (And these graphics are always horribly obtrusive, totally ruining your viewing experience).

In the five cities I’ve live in, it seems it doesn’t matter where you are: There’s always a watch or warning on one of those 10 days.

I posted this on the Mets message board I frequent (don’t judge me) on their NCAA page. My last line said:

In Hawai’i, do they put up “Gorgeousness watch until 9 p.m.” ?

And someone replied with this greatness:

When I lived there last year, the alerts were for high winds and “VOG”
VOG is what the locals call the gases released by the volcanos on the big island. People actually called into work sick saying they “had the VOG”

So, no matter where you live, there will always be severe weather during the NCAA Tournament


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