Not Awesome

You know what’s not awesome? Having a door hit your wrist while carrying a full coffee mug and completely ruining your very light colored khaki pants… at 9:15 in the morning.

Quit looking at my crotch.
Quit looking at my crotch.

It’s fantastic.  An entire day of “What the heck happened to your pants?”

Although, I did get a nice “compliment” when one of our coaches asked what happened, leading to my actual discovery of the mess (I didn’t notice it hit my pants, I just thought I had a wet thumb). I replied “Oh, spilled some coffee, I guess.”

She said: “That’s a total guy response. A girl would be freaking out and running home to change. Doesn’t phase a guy. ‘Oh, coffee.’ You going to walk around all day like that?”

Well, if it was socially acceptable, I’d just hang out all day in my boxers. Then again, if I could, I’d do that regardless of spillage.

I think I’ll go change… solely because I forgot to bring my lunch this morning and I have cold cuts in the fridge.


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