Four Days of CBS

It bugs the crap out of me that CBS can be close to getting it, but fail during the NCAA Tournament.

Example: Regional TV coverage where you get one of three/four games going on simultaneously? Not awesome.

Last Saturday, there were 19 college basketball games and 18 were on TV*. With my remote, I could pick which one I want to watch. Regional coverage… I’m boned. I can only watch CBS local, and one game at a time online. When there are 2/3 games.

You have CBS College Sports… show a freaking game on it.

More customers would demand CBS College Sports in there area if they found that one of the games was on CBS College Sports.

March Madness On Demand: Watch any game of the tournament live. This is awesome. The Boss Button on it used to be awesome. Now, not so much.

*-Winston-Salem State vs NC Central, two five-win independants, playing for nothing wasn’t on.


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