Oh the Hypocricy!

So I’m looking around NCAA.com, and I see this. THIS is NCAA.com’s official  bracket challenge:

NCAA.com's OFFICIAL Bracket Challenge

NCAA.com's OFFICIAL Bracket Challenge

And THIS is the NCAA’s official NCAA Tournament Bracket, direct from the home office in Indianapolis, distributed to those in the NCAA and at host sites:

I know people, okay?

I know people, okay?

Now, that’s a small picture. Look a little closer… right… THERE:

What's THAT say?

What's THAT say?

Let’s zoom in.

The fine print

The fine print

“The NCAA opposes all sports wagering. This bracket should not be used for sweepstakes, contests, office pools or other gambling activities.

uh… Except Ours!

The NCAA.com bracket challenge is actually a pre-tournament challenge to see if you can correctly guess what the bracket will be, and not a bracket challenge to see who advances through the NCAA issued bracket. But in order to do this challenge, you’re essentially running a pool on who advances through the REGULAR SEASON and Conference tournaments, aren’t you? How is this NCAA-run own sweepstakes/contest okay, and a sweepstakes for who advances through the NCAA Tournament bracket not okay?


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