And We’re Back: Thoughts over Actions

I read something jarring, about how global communications will take away new thought. To paraphrase: “Connecting everyone will no longer lead to people having new ideas. It will just be people commentating in real time on what they see.”

Because it’s true, there’s nothing really earth shatting about that. Except it was written by Michael Crichton in The Lost World and published in 1996.

That’s why I don’t like Facebook, think Twitter is stupid, and find most the internet worthless. A lot of people seem to think people care what they are doing.


I don’t DO anything. Why whem my mom calls and asks “so what’s new with you?” once every three weeks, I say “nothing.” She can’t believe that’s true. It is. No one does anything.

All I do from October to March is work and watch college basketball.

The last four days, that’s all I wrote about here. And no one cared! A website is only as good as the ideas and thoughts its putting forth. They need to be intelligent, or really freaking funny in order for anyone to care. People don’t want an itinery for your day, people read website for humor or quality thoughts/ideas. (Working on it. It’s tough to be brilliant).

Along these lines, I was listening to a Bill Simmons podcast with Chuck Klosterman about the fall of newspapers, and how they failed to adapt to the internet, despite having unlimited space online to write longer, well thought out pieces that cannot be provided in the other media (print/radio/TV). It baffles me that as newspapers endure a financial crisis (Craigslist, Monster-like websites killed classified revenue streams), they’ve cut local coverage. Their niche is definitely local news and sports people cannot get anywhere else.

It seems like the most crucial aspect of newspapers/local TV is embracing new media, finding revenue streams from it, and out-lasting local competitors. The big thing that’s hurt newspapers is that no one is going to buy news when they get it online for free, and internet costs roughly the same amount per year as a printed paper subscription. The way to go for a newspaper would be to team up with a local TV, provide print stories and video from the TV network free of charge, and have the best website among the local outlets, with a heavy emphasis on local news/sports. Link to the affiliate website for national news via RSS feeds.

And feature my website as a columnist.

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