Selection Sunday

WED: 11
THU: 24
FRI: 26
SAT: 17
SUN: 4

After 82 games in five days, I can finally move my secondary TV back to the bedroom.

This bracket sucks. There’s only four “mid-major” at-larges, out of 34.

This is because the NCAA added two regular season games, which lets .500 major conference teams get into the tournament.

Now, if you go 9-9 in the Pac 10 or Big Ten, with those two extra games, you can be 21-11, 20-12, 19-13 and be in the NCAA Tournament instead of 19-11, 18-12, 17-13 and be out of the tournament.

It’s a complete and total joke that some of these big conference teams got in. Didn’t the regular season already prove that Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Arizona couldn’t compete for a championship?

We already KNOW that Maryland isn’t as good as Duke, UNC, Wake, Florida State and Clemson. Because they played them ELEVEN TIMES and lost NINE.

We know that Minnesota and Wisconsin aren’t as good as Michigan State, Illinois and Purdue.
Wisconsin: 2-5 vs Mich St, Illinois, Purdue and Ohio State, plus losses to UConn, Marquette, Texas and two to Minnesota. That’s 4-10 vs NCAA teams. We know they aren’t capable of going to the elite 8.

Minnesota is 0-5 vs MSU, Illinois and Purdue. 3-8 vs NCAA teams (taking out Wisconsin)

Arizona: 6-11 vs the top 75 of the RPI (and two of those wins are against teams who didn’t earn at-larges)

Oklahoma State: 4-10 vs top 50, 9-11 vs the top 100. They got a great RPI by LOSING. Against Oklahoma, Michigan St, Mizzou, Kansas, Washington and Gonzaga they went 1-8. Wins over Siena, Texas A&M, Texas (but losses to Texas and Texas A&M). They are mediocre.

We’re saying “Oh, well, they played a ton of tough teams and got a couple victories, they’re an NCAA team.” That’s rewarding mediocre teams for losing to good teams. And that’s stupid.


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