I Heart March

Oh, what an outstanding day. Slept til 10:30, left work at 4:50. Now I’m trying to figure out a way to watch four basketball games, Chuck and 24 all in a stretch of four hours (picture in picture, you rule).

6 p.m. ESPN: VCU blows out George Mason to take the Colonial (A GMU win would have helped Dayton).

6 p.m. ESPN2: Chattanooga tops Charleston to win the SoCon (Davidson should have won)

8 p.m. ESPN: Gonzaga vs St. Mary’s, West Coast final (both these teams should be in the NCAA tournament)

8 p.m. ESPN2: Siena vs Niagara, MAAC final (ditto. In fact all of them deserve to go ahead of anyone in the SEC not named Tennessee or LSU).

Two Games at the Same Time.

Two Games at the Same Time.

Apparently, tonight on Chuck, he’s thrown into a spy situation a normal guy can’t handle, but somehow gets through it while pining for the hot girl spy. And on 24, Jack has to get tough and break rules to fight a terrorist threat that could kill many main characters but probably won’t.

Tomorrow might be a light day of college hoops, but Wednesday is chock full of games, many of which can be watched in the office! I love my job. Anytime you can get paid to watch college basketball, you’re in the right profession.


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