I’m going to write a movie about a crazed maniac obsessed with destroying every childhood memory someone has.

The villain will go through the past of the main character (let’s call him “Kev-fu”), find out the things the “Kev-fu” loved growing up and twist them into unrecognizeable things. Desecration of his memories, if you will.

Hmmm. ‘Desecration’ might be a good name for the movie.

Naturally, I’ll name the villain “Michael Bay” because he’s destroyed Transformers (and is about to go back and do it again), and now Friday The 13th (granted, part VIII, Jason Goes To Hell, Jason X and Jason vs Freddy already ruined the series, but at least the originals were untainted).

What’s next, Bay? Gonna make a movie about my kindergarten girlfriend where someone knocks her up in the sandbox in front of me?


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