I Feel Better About Myself

I thought I had crazy thoughts and weird dreams and a hyper-active imagination. I found out today I know someone who… oh I can’t do it justice. I’ll let her explain:

“One time I dreamt a full musical. I still remember the songs and the dances. It was about giving blood:

(sings) ‘Donate Blood. Blood’s Everywhere

…and I was so scared to donate blood. Then I saw it wasn’t scary and said ‘that was fun, let’s do it again!’ In a stage voice.”

In my 10 minute conversation with her, I came up with more than enough material to launch a Krista25.com.

Like when she was willing to do the choreography that goes with her musical (in the middle of the airport gate), I pulled out the flip camera (the sole reason for having it). And she immediately stopped saying “I don’t want posterity to find out.”


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