Common Sense

US Soccer moved the game vs Mexico from Los Angeles to Columbus so they could get a better pro-US crowd. Smart move. That’s common sense. (They didn’t play Chris Rolfe, that’s not common sense).

The fallout from that move was the game time changed from 10 pm ET to 7 pm, on ESPN2.

This is a problem. Dayton-Xavier were playing at 7 pm ET on ESPN2. So the World Wide Leader moved UD-X to ESPN Classic, and… as a show of good faith, re-broadcast the game tape-delay on ESPN2 at 11 pm ET.

Now, on Sunday, I watched the Tulane women’s game on tape-delay on CBS College Sports. I was at the game, so I knew who won and was watching to hear what the announcers said about us. But the ticker at the bottom showed the final score of the game dozens of times through out the broadcast. That’s not common sense.

But watching X-UD, I don’t want to know the score. I want to watch it like it’s live. Maybe ESPN2 has the common sense to take it off the ticker. I won’t know because I had the common sense put tape over the bottom of my screen at our hotel:

No spoilers
No spoilers

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