Basketball Thoughts from the Couch

I need to learn how to sleep. After messing up my neck/back/shoulder sleeping a month ago, now my other side is all jacked up.

It’s made today’s college hoops smorgasbord painful to watch, even though I love watching it. Hoops from 11 a.m. CT til 1 a.m. CT. That’s how it should be. Need more A-10, but at least the Tulane men were on.

Thoughts from a day on the couch:
Who do I have to kill at CBS College Sports for listing St. Bonaventure on the ticker as “ST BON” and not “ST BONA” ? What the hell?  When some monkey in production said “hey, what’s the abbreviation for St. Bonaventure?” Someone else should have said “What was on Bob Lanier’s jersey?” Bob, find out who’s ass you need to put your size 22 up if they don’t get that fixed.

The SEC is freaking terrible. Auburn-Tennessee was awful today.

Tulane needed that game at Marshall today. Argh. They had a 16-point lead at one point and lose in OT. That smarts.

The Bonnies (12-10) won. So glad we’re a double-digit win program again. They have a tendency to take a 12-point lead with four minutes to go and make it a 3-point lead with one minute to go.

Dayton (21-2) is at Charlotte tomorrow. How Dayton isn’t ranked I have no idea.

I don’t think the Big XII is very good, either. This is ridiculous how many undeserving teams get tons of credit. (UCLA and Notre Dame are the poster boys for this season in this regard. Also, any of the 37 Big East Teams not named UConn, Pitt, Louisville or Marquette.)

Memphis vs Gonzaga on now. Go ‘Dogs!

In case anyone cares, my 65-team field as of right now would be:
Big East (8) Connecticut, Marquette, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Syracuse, West Virginia, Georgetown
ACC (7) North Carolina, Duke, Clemson, Wake Forest, Florida St, Virginia Tech, Miami (FL)
Big Ten (6) Michigan St, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio State, Northwestern
Big XII (6) Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor
Pac 10 (5) UCLA, Washington, USC, Arizona St, Cal,
SEC (3) Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky
A10 (2) Xavier, Dayton
C-USA (2) Memphis, UAB
MWC (2) Utah, BYU
WCC (2) Gonzaga, St. Mary’s
MAC (2) Miami (OH), Buffalo
Am East (1) Boston U;
Atlantic Sun (1) East Tenn St;
Big Sky (1) Weber St
Big South (1) VMI
Big West (1) CS Northridge
CAA (1) George Mason
Horizon (1) Butler
Ivy (1) Princeton
MAAC (1) Siena
MEAC (1) Morgan St
MVC (1) Illinois St
NEC (1) Robert Morris
OVC (1) UT Martin
Patriot (1) American
SoCon (1) Davidson
Southland (1) Stephen F. Austin
Summit (1) North Dakota St
Sun Belt (1) Western Kentucky
SWAC (1) Alabama St
WAC (1) Utah St

The SEC deserves TWO at best, and at least one of the Big East teams don’t belong either (Syracuse, I’m looking in your direction). But the problem is no one has stepped up among the other conferences to take their place. Last season, the MVC and the A-10 had a plethora of candidates; and the CAA chipped in a couple. This year, no one stands out. I suppose if Butler, Davidson and Siena don’t win their tournaments, there’s three of the big boys to kick out.

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