Hall of Famers, Hall of Shame Storming

Live from Birmingham Alabama, where we saw Hall of Famer and two-time MVP Dale Murphy in the lobby yesterday. He was signing some bats, although we didn’t recognize him at first. Megan went struck up a conversation, trying to find out who it was, and when he looked up, Tim recognized him. He was in town for some speach thing. He was sitting with some guy, who was handing him stuff to autograph. I’m sure the bats, balls and jerseys will be auctioned off for charity or something, cause there’s no way he charges for his autograph.

Two-time MVP and Hall of Famer (not my card)

Two-time MVP and Hall of Famer (not my card)

Immediately after we figured out who he was, we’re discussing whether or not he made the Hall of Fame (Tim didn’t think so, I thought he got in), the guy he’s with holds up a MURPHY 3 Atlanta Braves jersey for him to sign. We’d have figured it out a lot earlier if he just held that up when we walked in.

Megan, who just knew he was a baseball player, then Googled him and was excited to find out she “just shook hands with a freaking Hall of Famer!” And went back downstairs to see if she could get an autograph, but he was gone.

I’ve never seen the big deal with all that autograph/gushing that you met someone famous. They are people, who just excel at something. I’m really good at my job, and am a hell of a blog writer. He’s really good at baseball. Big deal.

The other highlight of the evening was watching Wake Forest beat Duke…. and then their students stormed the floor. Now this is a problem. You can’t storm the floor if you’re Wake. There are rules for this.

#1 – You can’t storm the floor when you’re ranked, unless you’re ranked for the first time in a long time and have something to prove, and you beat a team who’s dominated you. Like Davidson. #24 Davidson beats a top five Duke team after losing 21 in row since 1981 to Duke, they can storm.

Wake Forest is the Number 4 ranked team in the country.
You’re supposed to act like you’ve been there before and are supposed to win big games, because when you’re number four. You are.

YES, Duke was “Number one,” but they are not the unanimous number one who’s clearly the dominant team in college basketball. They were preseason third in the ACC. They’ve been number one for A WEEK.

They are number one because YOU couldn’t take care of business against Virginia Tech. Your attitude should be “we’re good enough to beat Duke, it’s no big deal.

#3 – Duke does not have a long, recent dominance of Wake Forest. Wake won nine in a row over Duke from 1993 to 1997. Duke won 14 in a row over Wake Forest from 1997 to 2003. When Wake Forest beat Duke in double-ovetime in 2003… they deserved to storm the floor.

Since the, Wake is 5-6 against Duke in the last six seasons.

Wake won the last meeting

You don’t storm the floor when:
You’re #4
You were #1 last week
You’re basically even in the series in the last 11 games
You won the LAST MEETING with the team.
You already got mocked for storming the floor three weeks ago when you beat UNC.


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