Sitting on St. Charles

Something I need to add to my Life’s To Do List: I really (and I mean really) want to witness live and in person, a street car hitting an automobile.

I don’t know why I want to see it. I’m just assuming it’s awesome: A massive, iron street car plowing into some idiot’s car.

Some day...

Some day...

Now, that might sound cruel, but they don’t go fast enough to really injure. They just crush the crap out of your car. And remember that the street cars are on tracks, so you have to be pretty stupid to get drilled.

Then again, if anyone has ever tried to turn left in New Orleans, you know how hard it is, so that’s why it’s happens with relative frequency.

One day, I’m just going to take a lawn chair to St. Charles Avenue, fire up a cigar and just wait for it. I imagine the crunching sound is quite awesome.

And I do realize that having documented this desire, I’ve probably ensured that if I ever do get to witness it, I’ll probably be inside the vehicle getting hit.


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