Why Kev-Fu?

After discovering I had a website, the second question you probably asked (after “why?”) was “and why ‘KevFu’ as a site name?”

It all goes back to my freshman year at St. Bonaventure, a small, private institution in upstate New York. One of our freshman classes was an ‘intro to college’ type course with a stupid name. Mandatory for all freshman. It was awful and a predecessor to some bad curriculum they adopted my senior year for all incoming students.

One of the requirements was mandatory attendance at a barrage of stupid seminars.

This fateful evening, I was required to go to a Cultural Diversity seminar. No one else I knew was assigned to go that day, and my friends mocked me for having to miss playoff baseball to go.

I wandered in, sat down and after signing the attendance sheet, looked back at the room behind me: Everyone else in the room was white.

The speaker was white. Keep in mind that I was attending a school which was 96.5% white. There was one student in my class who was male, did not come to school as an athlete, and was also African-American. His name was Dennis.

St. Bonaventures school colors are brown & white. The buildings are brown, the students are white.

St. Bonaventure's school colors are brown & white. The buildings are brown, the students are white.

Furthermore, probably 87% of my classmates attended private high schools. As a public school kid (attending a high school where all the inner city kids which got kicked out of their schools but were deemed worthy of a second chance got bused to), I was in the minority at St. Bonaventure in the sense that I’d even been friends with any kind of black person before.

And I was damned sure I was the only person in the room who’d ever helped break up a gang fight.

Upon seeing nothing but white faces surrounding me in this seminar, I promptly began to cough. Hard. Then excused myself to get a drink of water and went back to my dorm to watch playoff baseball.

Awaiting me on my marker board, written by one of my new friends was the phrase “Kev-Fu is one cultured motherfucker!”

So, when naming this happy place, I decided I wanted something cultured. So now that little story can remind you that when you’re reading about zombie attacks,  Death Pools, who’s the hottest Disney characters, Muppet raps, being enslaved by an army of aliens or robots, or any of the other topics that probably make me a bad person; at least you’ll know I’m cultured.

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