Giant F’ing Q

I haven’t been my creative self of late. I think it’s because I’m strung out on NyQuil and my brain has been dulled by (delicious) Green Death flavored cough medicine.

Normally, I’d get some random thoughts in the morning, when I wake up and try to recall my dreams. But due to the the NyQuil comas this week, if I’ve had any dreams they’ve all be romantic fantasies involving those in the R&D division of Vicks.

I find it difficult to come up with something for the sake of coming up with something. I’m not a very goal-driven person. For me, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

I wonder if you, hypothetically, were a similar, not-very-goal driven person. Let’s say all you ever wanted in life was to be content: with family, work, etc. You’re a good person with a great wife and kids at home and want to be with them after school.

Your wife works and makes a good salary, so you find the ideal job for you: Driving an ambulance. As an EMT you’re helping people, you love to drive, and all your life, all you ever wanted was to be an ambulance driver.

What would happen to your world if your wife got a promotion and sent to another branch of her office and you moved to a new city?

Imagine being the new guy behind the wheel of an ambulance and not knowing where you were going. Lives depend on your ability to get there fast, but you can’t be counted on to have map memorized and then figure out exactly where you are if you’ve never been there before.

You’d have to slide over to shutgun and let someone else drive. You’d be back to (not square one, but whatever the second to last square is). You’re life would be in total disarray.

That really has no point. It’s not a metaphor. I just saw an ambulance and my acetaminophen-riddled brain dreamed up that scenario.


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