Phone Home

Erin Andrews has a redheaded sister. If she was kicking ass on the new season of 24, I’d be in love.

My phone hasn’t been able to text message for five days. So I was excited that CLM found a way to send me one: via post-it left on my desk. I was going to take a picture of it with my camera phone and post it here, so you could see my glorious text. But then I realized the only way to get it off my phone was via text message. So screw that.

Old Phone

Old Phone

Speaking of my cell phone and of 24, every year, people make a big deal about how Jack Bauer has a ridiculous cell phone that can do things that no cell phone in existence can do. But this is a stupid comment. Of course it can do ridiculous things. The current season takes place in the future.

In 2000, when the series debuted, it was the day of the California Presidential Primary, which occurs in March of an election year. Since the show came out in October of 2000, we know that Season 1 was in March of 2004.

Time for an upgrade?

Time for an upgrade?

Season two would be: September/October 2005

Season three: September/October 2008

Season four: March/April 2010 (second year of next presidency)

Season five: September/October 2011 Jan)

Season six: May/June 2013

Season seven: Spring 2017

So naturally his phone can do all kinds of awesome stuff (All their computers, too), because he has a phone from the future. I’d like to get me one of those phones from the future, because mine sucks.

When you set up automatic bill pay online, it’s really important to put in your account number and not your old one. Because that’s how you end up coming home to a dark apartment and realizing you need to go to the bar across the street and take advantage of their free wireless internet to pay your bills immediately, charge your cell phone, eat dinner, and kill time until it’s bed time (which is going to be really early tonight).


2 Responses to Phone Home

  1. Meghan says:

    So did you get a new phone? And probably more important, did you watch 24 last night?

  2. Kevin says:

    Watched 24. No new phone (yet). Waiting for the powers that be to approve a data plan for me.

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