More Posts About Tags and Posts

Ahh, the art of “Possibly Related Posts (automatically generated)”

Every once in a while, I will learn that someone linked to this site. And I click on the link back to the place that’s referring people thinking “maybe I have a fan!” only to realize it’s a “Possibly Related Posts(automatically generated).”

That means someone used a keyword in their blog that made some website thing our sites were similar.

At the bottom of someone’s blog post on how awesome and culturally diverse El Paso, it says “Possibly Related Posts (automatically generated)” and has a link the post on my site. You know, the post in which I took a gigantic verbal dump on the city of Juarez El Paso, Texas.

There was also one about motorcycles. I’m not sure why some automatically generating software thought anything I wrote had anything to do with motorcycles.

I take great pride in my tags and am often disappointed to learn that someone has actually used the same tag as me. Just look at some of my tags:

Abandoned prisons
An Exultation of Larks
Child Abuse
Children of the Corn
crazy get rich schemes
Death Pool
Dress Shirt Packaging
Electric Awesome
Enslaved by killer robots or aliens
Erotic Poetry
Espianage (which isn’t even spelled right)
Evil Bert
Failed Attempts at Love
Giant Rabbits
How Many Five Year Olds Can You Take in a Fight?
I Am a Bad Person
Insulting Pyschologists
Kev: Heterosexuality of
Magnetic Poetry
More Posts About Buildings and Food
Muppet Rap
No I will NOT Make Out With You
Pace picante sauce
Rupert Holmes
stim machine
Zombie Apocalypse

Who in their right mind is tagging posts with things like that?

Today, someone did a search for a two-word phrase and found this happy site. The two word phrase began with the word “hot” and the second word matched a word I used to describe myself for how complaining about a messed up muscle situation in my back made me sissified, or like a part of the female anatomy. That guy must have been real disappointed.

I’m tagging this post with only “Possibly Related Posts (automatically generated).” That auto make the related posts generator just freaking explode, right?


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