Can I Use My Marriot Rewards Card?

I thought that this evening, I would re-arrange the furniture in my apartment to make my place more like a hotel room. The logic being, I go to bed earlier and sleep better when I’m on a road trip.

But my problem is that my apartment provides about zero opportunity for improving the arrangement of furniture.

– Both my living room and bedroom TVs must be tethered to the wall they are currently on.
– There are exactly six possible locations for my bed (but only two of those work with the locked position of the TV).
– My couch can be in two locations due to the inflexibility of TV locations in the living room.

And in all cases, the current alignment is essentially ideal. Naturally, each location presents limitations for the rest of the room. However, the fewest limitations possible for my apartment is in the configuration I’m currently in.

So much for that idea. Instead, I was relegated to the only thing possible to make my place more like a hotel room: Let other people sleep in it. Clean up the freaking place. And wash the sheets. Hopefully a fresh set of linens is all I need to get a good night’s sleep.


4 Responses to Can I Use My Marriot Rewards Card?

  1. Audra says:

    I sleep better in hotel beds because they are always more comfortable than mine. Try flipping your mattress, and maybe buying some type of egg foam padding, or a featherbed to put under your sheets. Maybe your bed is just not comfy. =)

  2. Kevin says:

    Oh no, the bed is really comfy. I sleep great on it. I just don’t get tired as early at home. Usually, I’m in the living room until about 1 am anyway. Also, my new theory is that its not because of the hotel. Its because on the road, we stay at NICE hotels which means the people in the room next door aren’t having domestic disputes every freaking night 20 minutes after I go to bed. I think subconsciously, I can’t sleep until they fight.

  3. Meghan says:

    Ok….well since you like your bed and that’s fine and clearly you can’t put your furniture in different positions, how about if you try finding a sponsor to pay your rent and have someone else drive you home. If i remember correctly, on road trips, very rarely do you drive yourself to the hotel and you don’t pay for it either. So there would take care of the driving and paying. Also, what if you were to hire a chef to make breakfasts for you like the Marriott does. And a maid….then you wouldn’t have to clean and she could maybe run your vacuum for what i believe is only the second time in it’s history.

  4. Kevin says:

    #1 – Vacuumed about six times now.
    #2 – breakfast? Like I was up for breakfast.
    #3 – Obviously, my apartment complex needs to put in an elevator.
    #4 – Screw it, I’m just gonna move.

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