Electric Awesome

Ever see Mr. Wizard? Where they take a hot dog, put a diode in each end, which “completes the circuit” and subsequently cooks the hot dog with pulsing electricity?

Yeah. There’s a really large knot in my shoulder that’s currently suffering the same fate. I call the stim machine Electric Awesome. Because it’s pumping electricity through my painful muscles, and making them feel awesome.

I wonder if this is habit forming. I don’t want to end up like Bender from Futurama in the episode when he gets addicted to “Jacking On” (pumping an unnecessary surge of electricity into his body). I fear the same fate.

Then again, it feels awesome. So, how is it any different that bacon?

While we’re on the subject. The back/shoulder problem is such a freaking pain (literally and metaphorically). No normal activity such as sleeping, sitting, looking at things can be done without a random bolt of pain when turning my head/shoulders. It sucks. But the worst part is that I suffered this calamity while sleeping.

I need to make something up that doesn’t make me sound like such a pussy. Like, I lifted a burning car off a baby. Or I was throwing a punch and over-exerted my shoulder breaking up a rape.

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