Nobody Home

I’ve got [300 and] 13 channels of shit on the Tv to choose from (to choose from… to choose from).

I’ve got a feeling I haven’t had in quite some time. Since about July… Boredom.

Not overwhelmed by work for the first time since August. Nobody’s around to do something fun (or even online to talk to). I’m not hungry. TV totally sucks. And I reached the end of the internet (well, all the parts interesting to me anyway. I haven’t delved into the seedy underworld of deviant pornography).

I’ve got mediocre football teams playing mediocre bowl games (actually, that just ended). Uninteresting football. Uninteresting basketball. Worthless NBA. No hockey. Bad movies (Wizard of Oz was on earlier, I thought about cuing up Dark Side of the Moon with it, since I’ve only done it once — I’m not a pothead — but I came in late, and with commercials, it’s too hard to sync).

My laundry and dishes are even done. Oh, and I’ve read every book I own at least seven times. Ditto my movies.

Normally, in times like this it would be one of the ideal times for one of my every nine-months or so binges of video games. Except I am no gamer, so all my EA Sports games are from 2005 or 2006. Horribly outdated and I’m not feeling the itch.

If only I wasn’t too caffienated to sleep, I’d go to bed now.

This is weird. I’m normally not “not-busy” enough to be bored until the summer. And that’s why God gave us the gift of baseball. I suppose I should be productive and work ahead… but that will just lead to future boredom. So I’m just going to ramble on about my boredom.


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