Cigar Scavenger Hunt

I like to impress. I gave directions to a coworker for cigar shopping, since she knew nothing of cigars and wanted to get some decent ones for her boss.

I typed up step-by-step directions, with pictures, for the local cigar shop and swelled with pride when she returned with her mission accomplished.

She told me it was like a treasure hunt (turn left, when the wall juts out you will find item #1 in the middle shelf. Turn around and face the wall. Directly across from you is item #2… etc).


She told me the owner of the shop was impressed that I knew exactly where each cigar I recommended was in the store.

Even better than the self-esteem boost from this incident was when my coworker gave me one of the cigars I recommended as a thank you for my assistance.

My Fuente Hemingway is quite enjoyable. Thanks D’OB!

I could have saved it for the my drive to my parents house for Christmas, but I’ve got plenty in the humidor. I need to smoke cigars on long trips because it quells my road rage. Plus it’s fun to smoke a cigar while driving and blasting the Soporano’s Theme Song.


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