Road Trip Preview

Friday, a few of us will be skipping work and driving to Jacksonville, Fla. to attend a coworker’s wedding.

The bags are packed, the trip has been well planned out (I hope. Naturally my planning consisted of saying “yeah, sure” on Tuesday), and we’re all set for a road trip.

I figured after yesterday’s record number of hits (bringing our total audience to, I believe, seven), it would be a bad time to just skip out for a few days. Considering the odds of car ride shenanigans and my coworker’s desire to surf instead of work, I think a live blog is in order. We’ll bring you a couple live updates from the road in the event that something happens.

Here’s your primer:
The victim: JN is getting hitched. I’m sure his bride’s lovely.

The ride: A red convertible with the top down and Alaska plates, but no open container laws will be broken so you don’t need to know that

The Krewe: There’s four of us: Skeeter (aka Bean), Coug (a female veteran of the party animal circuit), Bama Slick (everyday good guy who prefers reordering the names on his birth certificate), and yours truly.

On board: Laptop with two batteries and broadband card, the wedding suit including Cuddle With Me Shoes (like F-Me shoes, but I’m not that easy).

The Plan: I’ll let you know as soon as someone fills me in.

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